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Peter Moore's final goodbye

Dustin Burg

Since the news broke last night that Xbox's poster boy Peter Moore was leaving Microsoft and heading to California to work with EA Sports, we've been waiting to hear from him one last time. And Major Nelson must have shared the same feeling too, because he tracked down Mr. Moore for a twelve minute audio discussion of what he'll miss most, where he's headed and why he decided to head to EA. And for all the conspiracy theorists out there Moore specifically mentioned that this decision had nothing to do with how things are going at Microsoft, the three year warranty mess or anything else business related. He just wanted to move back home to California to be with his family and put their interests first. Listen for yourself and download Peter Moore's goodbye interview already.

And please do not cry fanboys, because Peter Moore is extremely optimistic and promises to keep in touch with the Xbox community for years to come. Collectively we bid a fond farewell to you Peter Moore as we enjoyed the time you've spent on team Xbox and we hope you enjoy spending your newly earned millions. We'll miss you.

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