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PS3 breaks the one million mark in Japan

Nick Doerr

Enterbrain recently announced that the PlayStation 3 has hit the one million console sold point in Japan, a point that the US and Europe both hit much sooner. We're not complaining! The announcement came from tracking over 3,500 stores in Japan, totaling 1.01 million consoles sold as of July 15th. If they counted every store in Japan, it's probably more like 1.02 or 1.03 million. Numbers are fun!

For those keeping tabs like middle-aged men at the horse races, this more than doubles sales of the 360 in Japan, which still hovers around 421,000 units sold (we rounded up). However, this announcement goes to show that the Nintendo Wii still outsells the PS3 by a ratio of about 3:1 in Japan. Yes, the Wii is near the 3 million mark in Japan already. In any case, kudos for Sony to hitting one million. Does anyone think they can cross 2 million by the end of the year?

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