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Underbelly of reviews on display at The Escapist

Justin McElroy

There's a tired adage, we're sure you've heard it, it's something like the two things you don't want to watch being made are sausages and laws. A new feature at The Escapist has convinced us that you might just want to add review scores to that list. Plenty of industry luminaries weigh in on the subject, including Gabe from Penny Arcade, Jeff Green of Games for Windows Magazine and Warren Spector, but the real dirt comes from some more anonymous sources. Found within are stories of reviewers having to change scores to not upset editor's pals and others not even logging into games before reviewing them.

To emerge on the other side is to have a better understanding of how a review score is born and what it means to those whose lives are mixed up in it, but you may also not be able to look at that 7.5 the same way ever again. Consider yourself warned.

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