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50 million American homes to house HDTVs by 2008

Darren Murph

Honestly, don't look so surprised. Just under two years ago, some 15-percent of American homes had at least one HDTV somewhere on the premises, and not long after, estimators were suggesting that a whopping 82-percent of domiciles would be HDTV-equipped by the end of this decade. Earlier this year, a more recent report found that over one-quarter of those residing in the US of A owned an HD-capable set -- though we'll never live down the embarrassment from the hordes of owners who've yet to figure out how to operate them. Nevertheless, an updated study has found that "more than 30 million US households now have at least one HDTV," and judging by recent sales figures, has estimated that 52 million homes will house an HDTV by the end of 2008. Now, how's about a few more HD channels for the growing sect, eh?

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