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Does Atari mind if you Horse around? Nay

Kevin Kelly

Attention horse fans, young girls, and fans of the play Equus (starring Daniel Radcliffe as a very non-boy wizard character) ... Atari has you in their sights. Their upcoming game My Horse & Me, for the Wii, DS, and PC has more horse action than you can shake a riding crop at. Details on the gameplay are pretty scant at this point, but we're sure it involves riding and jumping over gates in an effort to re-create that boarding school experience.

According to Atari, "The game features the most accurate horse models and animations yet realized in a video game," which means that it'll give Oblivion a run for it's money. But does it have horse armor? Doubtful. But it might feature some mane-brushing minigames, so you won't be missing it.

According to Atari Senior Product Manager Emily Anadu, "We are looking forward to providing the horse-enthusiast community with a rich and authentic game that allows gamers to take care of and compete in a variety of challenges with their horse." So if you've always promised a pony to someone in your family, the cost (and cleanup) will get a heck of a lot cheaper this fall.

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