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Hunters in the Arena


If you've been watching the Arena statistics, then you already know that Hunters are the least represented class in the Arena. And by "least represented" I mean that in the top 20 teams for each Arena bracket, you'll find a total of 136 Hunters out of 3661 players. They make up 5% of the total players in the 5v5 bracket and 2% of the total players in both the 3v3 and 2v2 brackets. If you're interested in PvP and playing a Hunter, this has to be of concern -- can the Hunter class just not cut it in the Arena?

Well, CM Nethaera is attempting to reassure concerned Hunters. While she doesn't yet have any information to share with us, she can say that the subject has been discussed in developer meetings. And while we wait to hear back on what Blizzard might do, what do you think needs to happen to make Hunters a viable choice in the Arenas? Or do you think they are already?

: Updated the link. Nethaera accidentally deleted the original post -- someone Fedex her some coffee!

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