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Shanling's MC-30 iPod dock plays hits from the 80s, sounds so crazy

Nilay Patel

While we can't say the world needs yet another iPod accessory, Shanling's MC-30 CD player / dock unit caught our eye not only for its tube power amp, high-end Philips CD transport and Burr-Brown DA converter, but for its shameless 80s style. Not only does the clear acrylic CD lid light up with blue LEDs, the tubes themselves are encased in rings of plastic, making the whole thing look like The Sharper Image just leaned over and threw up. Keeping with the 80s vibe, you'll have to be quite the Yuppie to snag this thing: Shanling's US importers are setting prices right around a cool $1,000.

[Thanks, Lukas]

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