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TUAW poll: How much iPhone data have you used?


Yesterday, I wrote about setting up the iPhone with pay-as-you-go service. Without purchasing feature packs, the data plan goes for an exorbitant $0.01/KB. (With a feature pack, the data goes down to $2/MB, or $0.002/KB.) This got me wondering. It's been almost a month since the iPhone debuted. How much data have you used? My iPhone tells me that I've sent 608 KB and received 2.9 MB--although with all my resets and restores, that number is probably much lower than my actual usage. Still, that's nothing compared to our own David Chartier. He's at 12.2 MB sent and 59.8 MB received. (Data junkie!) So I'm curious. How much EDGE data have you sent and received? You can find out by selecting Settings -> Usage. Let us know in the comments how big a data user you are. Bragging rights to everyone who beats out David.

Update: It looks like the average is currently around 150-200 MB for readers who aren't hovering around WiFi hotspots. The current high is near 2.7 GB. The few of us who have ready WiFi access are way, way down in comparison.

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