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Xexoo gilds a 2G iPod Shuffle, charges a bundle

Darren Murph

iPods have long been the token of desire for customizers, and while we've certainly seen tamer flavors before, Xexoo's gilded 2G Shuffle is nothing short of overkill. The company -- which makes its ends by coating DAPs in precious metals and charging incomprehensibly high prices for them -- is now getting set to smother Apple's most diminutive player in 18-karat gold. Thankfully, the blinged-out Shuffle isn't the only thing you get for €14,000 ($19,320), as those imbecilic wealthy enough to shell out for this superfluous luxury will also receive a black wooden box and a certificate of authentication to sweeten the deal. Oh, and don't forget to add in the gold-finished dock while you're at it, cool?

[Via CNET]

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