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How would you change the Nintendo Wii?

Evan Blass

Since we've already sent both of the other major consoles through the wringer -- along with the two most popular handheld units -- it wouldn't really be fair if we didn't come together as a family and give Nintendo's Wii the most bitter critiquing of its young life, now would it? There's no real debating the fact that this innovative gaming platform has not only become a success in and of itself but fundamentally influenced the way we interact with our devices as well, yet it's certainly far from the perfect product, and there are a number of things we're sure you'd like to see added / changed / removed. For instance, it would pretty sweet if I could use this thing as my DVD player too. Or, why is it so dang hard to befriend someone? And of course, this being 2007 and all, where's that HD already?

Bonus: While no one really complains about this much anymore, as we recall, the name "Wii" wasn't all that well received among haters and fanboys alike when it was first revealed. Since this post is all about changes, we also want to know: if you could go back in time, how would you have branded Nintendo's worldwide hit?

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