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Novatel's MC950D, world's smallest USB HSUPA modem

Chris Ziegler

We've noticed that 3G USB dongles tend to be behemoths, hanging like unfortunate growths off the sides of otherwise-attractive laptops -- so, needless to say, we're happy to hear that a manufacturer is making a conscientious effort to tighten up the dimensions a bit. Novatel Wireless is triumphantly claiming that its new Ovation MC950D is the world's smallest HSUPA modem -- though HSUPA's still pretty rare, so that doesn't necessarily mean much -- with downstream speeds topping out at 7.2Mbps and a healthy 2.1Mbps upstream. No word on partners or an exact release date, but Novatel says the device is in its "final testing stages" (across the pond, seemingly) with commercial availability coming later in the quarter.

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