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Alien Tech's portable short-throw projector on the horizon

Darren Murph

Short-throw projectors are (thankfully) growing to be quite popular these days, but we've yet to see one designed more like a rocket and less like a block. Nevertheless, Alien Tech's LCD video projector manages to do just that, and while we'll admit that it seems more suited for a child's (very sweet) play room than a sophisticated AV setup, you can always paint it black and give it some cover if you're not so keen on the looks. Currently, the device has yet to be completely finalized, but it's slated to weigh 3.3-pounds, deliver an "optimal image" while just 80-inches from your screen / wall, offer a not-so-astounding 960 x 240 resolution (saywha?), and sport built-in RCA inputs and speakers to boot. Thankfully, this low-res PJ won't be demanding a large chunk of change, as the estimated asking price sits at just £149.99 ($308).

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