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Canadian valley fights to stay "cellphone free," yet plans VoIP-friendly MuniFi


The luddites have evidently busted out of the early-1800s and resettled in the Slocan Valley up in rural British Columbia: an "economic development group" of residents in this opposite-of-silicon valley has asked a company not to erect a cellphone tower that would provide access to the valley, claiming that the move will in some way attract people by detracting cellphone owners and their tendencies to be loud and anti-social. If their demand is successful, they hope to go on and promote the valley's "cellphone free status": personally, we'd be cowering in shame. The ultimate irony is that the same authority is putting up a WiFi network to give residents access to the internet, and -- how do we put this -- VoIP. Hey, they can always claim health concerns when and if that "issue arises."

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