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Colorware introduces custom colored iPhones

David Chartier

Speaking of customizing your iPhone, why stop at just the background? Never content with the 'average joe' colors Apple designs their devices with, Coloware has just added the iPhone to their lineup of devices they are happy to colorize or - perhaps better yet - sell you pre-pimped straight off their factory floor. Using their proprietary and apparently high-quality process (I've never used their services so I can't personally vouch), you can chose between nearly 30 colors with which to customize the back, bottom, frame, button and logo on the iPhone itself, as well as the earbuds and even the dock (notice the slick TUAW Exclusive™ design featured in this post).

What does this customization process cost, you ask? There's the hard news: sending your iPhone in to have it done post-purchase will cost you $149. If you want to purchase a brand new iPhone straight from Colorware with their services already pre-applied, simply tack on that $149 to the original price of either iPhone model, resulting in $649 for a colorized 4GB iPhone or a whopping $749 for the 8GB model. While those prices could easily induce dizziness, the potential for 'exclusive iPhone design!' sales on eBay once you decide to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 could sober you right back up.

[via Infinite Loop]

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