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Forum post of the day: Phrases you will never see on the WoW forums


Okay, this is more like Ongoing Forum Post of the Last Month, but it's still funny. Sekkite starts out "Phrases you will never see on the WoW forums" with "PvE and PvP are perfectly balanced." The rest of the forumgoers chime in with phrases that people are too proud, too stupid, or too sane to ever post on the forums. Other far-too-true responses include:

  • You are absolutely right, I DO need to learn to play!
  • I am sorry if I took the raid's loot and transferred servers. It was my mistake and I was totally outraged at a recent event. If you want, I'll give you guys access to my username and password as consolation. After all, it is only a game.
  • Nobody has screamed my location at me in quite some time. I am posting to as for confirmation that I am still within the Mediterannean nation of Sparta.
  • I'm appalled by the lack of murlocs in Outland.
  • That NE Hunter's opinion is completely valid and should be taken seriously.
  • I looked at your armory, and even though you're wearing all AH greens and your Hydraxian, Argent Dawn and Brood rep are pretty much nonexistent, and have 300 lifetime HKs, your opinions are still completely valid and I will take them in to consideration, and help you with becoming better with your class.
  • I realize that my arrogant, elitist, and immature forum posts are a desperate attempt to compensate for my disproportionately small genitals.

What will you never see on the forums?

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