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Watch Kojima, Suda 51 and Mikami chatting, blowing minds

Justin McElroy

This half-hour long video isn't chock full of news or hot gameplay footage. But for those of who love Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil, it's 26 minutes more than well spent. It's Hideo Kojima (MGS) and Shinji Mikami (RE) having an informal chat that's basically moderated by Suda 51, creator of Killer 7. The event, held this summer, was called "Snake vs. Zombie." (P.S. We need one of those T-shirts, STAT.)

Come on, it's Saturday. You don't have anything to do. You owe it to yourself to spend a half-hour with these guys. If you need more convincing, know that you'll get to hear Kojima's brilliant plan to turn Resident Evil into a boring, yet profitable MMORPG and Mikami's revelation that he was drunk when he decided to be in charge of the Resident Evil remake. Honestly, it's hysterical. Go. Watch.

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