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No FFXIII/Versus demos until 2008, new videos soon

Nick Doerr

If you were itching to get your fantasy/sci-fi RPG on this year, you may have to find a source other than Final Fantasy XIII. A long time ago, we had gotten wind that the main XIII game would have a playable demo for us sometime in the third quarter of this year. It's around that time and we've heard nothing ... until now. Famitsu magazine interviewed Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto who said there would not be a demo for XIII or Versus XIII until 2008.

Whether or not Square Enix was being facetious when they announced their games were only 13% and 1.3% complete, it's true they've admitted the games are currently a mess, so we're fine without a demo. Whatever it takes to put the game together properly, you know? In any case, Square Enix have announced that new videos of both games will be shown in a matter of months (we assume Tokyo Game Show). You can count on us to bring them here as soon as they're made available.

[Thanks, Justin!]

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