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One Boss Leaves: Instructor Razuvious vs. Ragnaros wrap-up


The last week's match wasn't wasn't a close one, and it surprised me. Votes often tend to go to the boss in the higher level instance, but in this case Ragnaros came out on top of Instructor Razuvious, and by no slim margain. Commentors cited Ragnaros' ability to damage weapons, his knockback, and Razuvious' lack of fire resistance as reasons for Ragnaros' victory. (And to those talking about the Instructor's Deathknight Understudies -- remember, these fights are boss on boss, and don't take adds into account! Razuvious doesn't have his Understudies and Ragnaros doesn't get his Sons, either. The final vote is as follows:

That's all for this week's wrap-up -- but check back later today for another matchup and another fight!

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