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Wireless problem was Cisco bug, not iPhone traffic, says Duke


As Dave noted on Friday, we expected to hear more from Duke on the iPhone-killed-our-network story, and we did -- on Friday the university released a statement that identified the problem, now resolved, as "a Cisco-based network issue" which has now been patched. The iPhone has been fully exonerated as a cause or victim of the wireless issue, demonstrating once again that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Hey, it's not like Cisco's still bitter about the whole iPhone trademark thing, either.

It seems that Kevin Miller, with Duke's IT department, jumped the gun a bit last week when he told Network World, with considerable confidence, that the iPhone was at the root of Duke's wireless problems. "I don't believe it's a Cisco problem in any way, shape or form," he said. Oops. Sounds familiar to me... network guys always bristle when someone says "it's a router problem," and the immediate (and often correct) reaction is to blame the newest devices on the LAN. Don't worry, Mr. Miller, we've got the perfect Sysadmin Appreciation Day gift for you: a fruit basket, chock full of Apples.

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