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Blu-ray movie releases for the week of July 23rd

Colin Torretta

For those out there who have been yearning for some Prince in glorious TrueHD, your prayers have finally been answered. This week, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and Now Just Known as Prince is featured on Blu-ray in his cinematic masterpiece, Purple Rain. The vertically-challenged singer/actor/maestro plays The Kid, a promising musician at the start of his career who has to struggle against prejudices and his own past in order to reach super-mega-stardom. The movie came out before most of the readers of this blog were even born, but is considered a classic by uh, Prince fans. Here is the full list of titles this week:
  • The Host
  • Weeds: Season Two
  • Purple Rain
  • Out for Justice
Rounding out the list is the successful Korean creature horror flick, The Host, the second season of Weeds, and Out for Justice, a Steven Seagal movie that somehow managed to make his other movies look like Citizen Kane. The Host and Weeds look like solid purchases, but everything pales to next week's releases when we finally get 300. Pre-orders for that title have been massive and expectations are incredibly high for the high-def versions of the Spartan epic. Hope you have your pre-orders in -- it's gonna be a hard one to find.

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