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Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 box art features 'Storage Required' sticker [Update]

Ross Miller

Developer Infinity Ward is asking community members (registration required) to pick from one of five box arts for the impending Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launch. The artwork is fairly similar for each of the selections, including a curious sticker next to the ESRB tag that says "storage required" under what appears to be an Xbox 360 disk drive and a memory unit.

If just a memory unit is required, the financial burden on those without disk drives won't be so hard ... but honestly, is anyone using their Xbox 360 without some storage method? We've contacted publisher Activision (and Jamie Kennedy, of course) for more information.

Update: Infinity Ward community relations manager Robert Bowling told MyGamerCard that the icon should be disregarded. "The game can still be played by users with and without Storage devices (HDD / Memory Card)," he said, adding that you won't be able to save without some storage. We're still awaiting word from Activision.

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