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Like the Prada, but not: Samsung's SGH-P520?

Chris Ziegler

We can't confirm the authenticity of this thing just yet, but we can confirm that this particular model number passed through the FCC not long ago -- so it's plausible that this is the real deal. The SGH-P520 appears to be Samsung's nod to the ever-growing finger-friendly touchscreen segment, offering a Prada-esque experience (from that other Korean manufacturer, of course) with decent specs to match. Highlights are said to include a 3 megapixel camera, 50MB of onboard storage with microSD expansion, QVGA display (we woulda hoped for a little more, honestly), A2DP, EDGE data, and WiFi with UMA support in-box. There's no official word on when or where this thing might drop -- but with a triband GSM radio on board, it sure ain't launching here.

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