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Sony confirms Heavenly Sword demo in Europe this Thursday


We knew the demo was done, but now we officially find out that many will get to experience the intensity of Heavenly Sword this Thursday. We hope it ends up being everyone, but we only have confirmation of Europe at this point from EuroGamer. IGN says it should "hit other territories around the same time as Europe, according to Sony." Hopefully this Thursday, PS3 owners will be able to experience the demo – the same one used at Sony's Gamer Day – that everyone has been desperately trying not to call Goddess of War.

Heavenly Sword is expected in September, giving PS3 owners something to play while Xbox owners immerse themselves in all things Halo 3. Heavenly Sword is one of the games coming this fall which will hold the system together through this non-critical holiday season. We're just glad to finally be able to play a good PS3 exclusive that doesn't start with Resistance and end with Fall of Man.

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