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    Sony Vaio TZ review roundup

    Nilay Patel

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    The first reviews of Sony's new top-of-the-line ultraportable, the Vaio TZ, are are starting to trickle in, and they're surprisingly mixed. While there's no doubting the overall hotness of the industrial design, the older, non-Santa Rosa chipset, 1.1GHz Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage processor, and integrated GMA 950 graphics don't seem to provide all that much bang for your $2,200 bucks, and the system seems to be preloaded with tons of crapware -- Laptop Magazine straight up says the TZ ran "as if it were broken" until they cleaned it up. Still, most reviewers found the design, battery life, available 32GB SSD, and WWAN options to be intriguing enough to rate high scores -- either that, or this thing is even sexier in person.

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