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T-Mobile to trot out Nokia 2610 and Samsung t219s

Brian White

T-Mobile's newly expunged Samsung t219s seems like an ordinary, low-end Sammy flip with nothing particularly striking about it. That is, until one discovers the "network address book" inside the menu system. Maybe that "s" suffix has some meaning, after all. Is this a new (yet unannounced) feature that allows contact sharing via SMS? If so, that would be hailed as a semi-masterpiece. We're still fond of Bluetoothing contacts across the room, but hey -- that's not always possible. Anyhoo, the Nokia 2610, which includes myFaves support like the t219s, cements Nokia's place as the entry-level candybar of choice and has the humdrum, standard feature set expected for en entry-level Nokia on T-Mobile. No prices on these yet, but we're figuring they'll be freebies with a contract.

Update: Looks like the "network address book" feature is a standard phone book backup over the network, kinda like what AT&T already offers. According to Boy Genius, the network address book is "just an automatic backup for contacts, so in case you lose the phone, it will automatically download the contacts in your new phone" -- as long as the new phone also supports it, of course.

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