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6-foot neon Apple icon for sale


Macenstein points to the ultimate Mac collector's item, a 6-foot neon version of the rainbow Apple logo (which, you'll remember with the help of Wikipedia, was used up until Jobs turned the logo one solid color in 1999), up for sale on eBay. Now you too can own a gigantic neon piece of Apple's history, sure to turn even the most casual Apple user green with envy. Or at least green with something-- having colored neon lights in your field of view all day can't be that good for your health.

But still, someone wants it-- there are 17 bids so far, and even at $4350 as of this writing, the reserve hasn't been met. The sign itself is in Huntsville, Alabama (at an Apple authorized dealer who doesn't need it anymore), and they're offering to ship to anywhere in the contiguous 48, or you can come by and grab it yourself.

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