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Keyspan ships revamped TuneView iTunes remote

Darren Murph

It's taken over a year, but Keyspan has finally got around to updating its somewhat restrictive TuneView remote. The new flavor (which oddly keeps the exact same name) now works with Apple's AirPort Express, Xitel's Hi-Fi Link, and "other products that connect audio output from a PC-based music server to the audio inputs on an AV receiver or multi-room audio system." The black remote sports a color LCD to pass along iTunes information, a 10-button keypad, RF connectivity, a 150-foot range, and speaks in four different languages. As expected, the unit claims to be plug 'n play with both Macs and PCs, comes bundled in with a USB transceiver, and will set you back a stiff $149. Click on through for another look.

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