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Metal Gear Solid 4 shows off Eva -- Snake didn't age alone

Nick Doerr

Eva, Eva ... where have we heard that character's name before? Ah, of course! She was the femme fatale of MGS3. We'll save the remainder of the spoilers of her character for you, but the one thing you should know is that she isn't young, as she fought alongside Solid Snake's predecessor in the third title (everybody now, who is Snake's predecessor? Yes, it's a pop quiz). With that in mind, Konami has released a few shots of Eva to let you know that she's still alive and doing fairly well. Just a bit wrinkly around the edges, which is just fine considering the, you know, marching of time.

Even so, she looks younger than Solid Snake. How did he age so greatly, leaving people like Meryl and Otacon to look almost childish in comparison? Questions to be answered in the game, we suppose. In any case, a bunch of Metal Gear news popped up today, so this is just a taste of everything that's been announced. More on the way, we're sure.

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