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Sony PS3 1.90 and PSP 3.52 firmware updates ready to download


Get your software update on kids, Sony's latest firmware is available now for your Sony PS3 and PSP rigs. While the PSP pulls a minor 0.01 update offering a boost in both security and playable network titles under [Game], the real sauce comes by way of firmware 1.90 for the PS3. Custom photo wallpapers for the XMB, messaging emoticons, AVCHD video playback direct from Memory Stick or camcorder, DMB sorting of hard drive-based games, upscaled CD audio over HDMI or digital optical outs, and a new forced 1080p24 HDMI output for Blu-ray films. Best of all perhaps, is the new "eject disc" option from the controller to keep your lazy meat sack planted on the couch just that much longer.

[Via Joystiq]

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