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Greenhouse's KanaSD gets makeover, adds SDHC support

Darren Murph

Oh, KanaSD, how you've matured over the years in front of our very eyes. The diminutive DAP from Greenhouse has evolved from a simplistic, lackluster player to one that supported flash memory, and now provides a new level of adorableness to go along with the SDHC compatibility. The device plays nice with both MP3 and WMA formats, handles flash cards up to 8GB in size, lasts about five hours on a full charge, syncs up via USB 2.0, and comes in your choice of black or silver. As if you couldn't already guess, we've no idea how much this wee unit will cost when it hits the Japanese streets later this month, but it ought not be (too) much.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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