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Puzzle Quest rated by ESRB for Macs


Our sister site Joystiq reports that Puzzle Quest, the handheld puzzle-slash-RPG sensation, has been rated by the ESRB for a Mac release. The news isn't that surprising, as Puzzle Quest has already been slated to appear on almost every platform but the Mac (although PS3 hasn't received the love either). It is great news, as Puzzle Quest is supposed to be a terrific game, and it is exactly the kind of casual game that belongs in OS X.

An ESRB rating isn't exactly official confirmation, but it does usually mean that the game is playable, so chances are we'll see the game released sooner rather than later (if I had to guess, I'd say by this holiday season, but don't quote me on that). If you happen to have a PC box around, there's a demo available right now, but from all reports, if you like puzzlers and/or RPG games, this game is good enough to pick up sight unseen.

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