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Samsung's 30-inch LCD with world's first DisplayPort -- game-on HDMI


It's on HDMI fans, the first LCD panel sporting a VESA-approved DisplayPort 1.1 jack was just announced by Samsung -- a world's first. The 30-inch LCD pumps a 2,560 x 1,600 pixels with a 10-bit color depth at a smokin' data rate of 10.8Gbps over a single port. In other words, kiss your DVI (and VGA ultimately) spec goodbye as their days are numbered. In addition to the port, we're talking about a Sammy S-PVA panel with 180-degree viewing angle, 1,000:1 contrast, 6-ms response, and 300cd/m2 brightness. Surprisingly, it's not scheduled for production delivery until Q2 of 2008. Later than we expected especially if it's truly the first to ship. Nevertheless, January's CES is set to be a regular DisplayPort free-for-all with plenty of laptop support provided by Dell, HP, and Lenovo among others.

[Via Akihabara News]

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