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Warhound: open-ended FPS headed to Xbox 360, PC in 2008

While we're not sure if the luscious Crysis is making its way to new-gen consoles, Techland is pretty sure their upcoming FPS, Warhound, is. Announced several months back, and previewed at IGN, Warhound is another FPS with a list of innovations as long as our arm (which is quite long, actually).

The new fact sheet, released today, promises buzzwords features like freedom of choice (take that determinists!), unique cover systems, a realistic economy, dynamic battlefields, and destructible environments. All that, and pretty graphics that rival Crysis? The team at Techland – you may know them from such games as Call of Juarez – certainly think so. Warhound is heading to the Xbox 360 and PC (XP and Vista, thank you) sometime in 2008. Until then, check out the screenshots and some video after the break.

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