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Army of Two lead designer talks sequels: 'This is EA, right?'

Jared Rea

If you were thinking that you may enjoy EA's Army of Two this November, lead designer Chris Ferriera would like you to consider the possibility of looking forward to a potential sequel. Perhaps even more of them -- a series, if you will. We're already looking forward to Army of Two as is, so while we're hoping it warrants a sequel, Ferriera assures us they're not slacking off on the first go.

"This is EA right? So when we have a hit we'll make more," says Ferriera. All kidding aside he explains, "We want the first game to be perfect, because if we launch an IP and it isn't what we want to make and isn't made to the right quality level, then the future for the franchise doesn't exist. We want to really build something strong."

There is the troubling naming convention to work around, as Army of Two 2 just doesn't sound right. May we suggest Army of Deuce? Or how about the classic, Army of Two: Electric Boogaloo? Dear readers, what do you suggest?

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