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First Resident Evil 5 gameplay trailer on XBLM


A new full-length trailer for Resident Evil 5 has popped up on Xbox Live Marketplace. The trailer is an extended version of the one Microsoft showed at E3. In the new trailer, Chris Redfield, longtime veteran of the RE series, tells of his struggles policing what appears to be an African village. More importantly, we finally get a glimpse at Resident Evil 5's gameplay. Fans of RE4 can relax, because the series is definitely maintaining the 3rd person, over-the-shoulder perspective. What has changed, though, is the sheer number of enemies that are standing on the business end of Redfield's gun. At points in the trailer, there appear to be literally dozens of enemies. What's more, they appear to be very quick, even more so than the Ganados of RE4. Finally, the trailer closes with a glimpse of a female character, suspended in a liquid filled tank of some sort. Who she is is anyone's guess (Jill Valentine? A grown up Ashley Graham?) -- our Resident Evil lore is a little rusty. Graphically, the game looks amazing, especially the facial models. But enough talk! Watch it already.

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