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Free GPS-enabled mobile nav app from amAze

Brian White

Although it really is not the first "free" mobile navigation app designed for J2ME-enabled, GPS-containing handsets, LocatioNet Systems is billing its 'amAze' product as such. AmAze (that's not a typo, heh) is apparently the first mapping, navigation and local search product specifically tailored to the UK. The app features standard location fare like satellite images, route planning and even weather forecasts. Topping it off is voice guidance via external Bluetooth GPS device or from your J2ME handset's built-in GPS. LocatioNet is able to give this app away free using ads integrated into the software itself, even going as far as displaying location-based ads derived from your exact location. Yes, something, somewhere will know you're next to that pizza joint and will send you "free slice" coupon or something. Hit up to download it if you're so inclined.

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