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FujiFilm's pair of 8 megapixelers: the Z100fd and S8000fd with 18x zoom


In the continuing onslaught of FinePix cameras this morning, FujiFilm also announced a pair of 8 megapixel (1/2.5-inch CCD) shooters: the S8000fd and Z100fd (pictured). The fixed lens S8000fd features a Fujinon 18x optical zoom lens and a high-speed, mechanical CCD-shift stabilization, electric viewfinder or 2.5-inch LCD, VGA video at 30fps, and a continuous shot mode capable of 15 shots per second at a 2 megapixel resolution. The Z100fd is pretty much the Z10fd for grown-ups. It brings a 5x optical zoom, IrSimple infrared, and the CCD-shift mechanical image stabilization found in its bulkier cuz. The S8000fd is scheduled to hit The States in September for $400 while the Z100fd will hit Asia around the same time frame for ¥40,000 or about $332.

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