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Gears of War action figures announced


NECA has announced a new partnership with Epic Games, in which it will produce a new line of Gears of War collectibles. Said collectibles are set to include action figures, busts, dioramas, and even "prop" replicas (full size Lancer anyone?). The toys collectibles are expected to be available in 2008, just in time for a possible sequel to the 360's breakout hit. An interesting tidbit in the press release is that NECA has acquired the license for Gears of War and "any potential sequels" to the game, adding fuel to such speculations. For those who are interested, NECA has produced many video game related collectibles, including toys based on Resident Evil, Hitman, Tomb Raider, and an upcoming line of Castlevania toys. No further information, such as which specific Gears of War toys will be made or how much they will cost, has been revealed.

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