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Hey Dvorak, welcome to 1984

Mat Lu

Maybe I shouldn't even link to this latest John C. Dvorak column, since in the past he's essentially admitted to antagonizing Mac users just to get traffic, but it's not every day that Dvorak basically admits that the Mac is superior. He goes out of his way to tell us he's not switching for his "personal use" but having used an iMac for the past couple of months on some other job, he's now allowing that "the machine is not half bad." He actually tries to downplay the gap between Macs and PCs - "the differences between the Mac and the PC that really matter are minor" - but he does concede that he senses "the OS is more solid than Microsoft Windows." He concludes with the obvious: Macs are more elegant and more useable. Well, Dvorak, welcome to 1984, better late than never.

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