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Nerf your Wiimote


"Hot" on the heels of the Nerf DS Lite case comes the Nerf Wiimote shell. Made of the finest imported Nerf, it will provide you and your Wiimote with all of the comfort and elegance associated with the name Nerf. We'd pay the $9.99 just for the excuse to say "Nerf" more often. It's quite a word.

It'll probably ship from Gamestop's online store in a randomly-selected color, which is unfortunate. But can you afford to let something like color stop you from encasing your Wiimote in safe, soft, family-friendly Nerf? Think of your wild Wiimote gesticulations. How wonderful would it be not to worry about smacking your friends in the head? With this on, you can smack with abandon! Go ahead and use your Wiimote as a Nerf Crotch Bat*.

*Do not use Wiimote as Nerf Crotch Bat. Do not use anything as any kind of crotch bat.

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