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Splinter Cell: Double Agent gets lady spy, new maps on 360

Justin McElroy

Splinter Cell fans took it on the chin yesterday, finding out that the next iteration of the series, Conviction, wasn't due out until early 2008. It's sad, really. They're just sitting around now, sweating in their stealth wet suits, with their goggles down so we can't see the tears.

Now it's time to perk up, guys and (specifically) gals, as new, free content for Splinter Cell: Double Agent has just been dropped on Xbox Live. It was talked about in February, but is finally here, just in time for nigh irrelevance. You can pick up two new multiplayer maps ("Kinshasa" and "Secret base"), but the real draw here is lady spy, who (as the blade description proudly touts) comes with three outfits. Who says women's liberation is over?

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