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ASKA intros HD32F PCMCIA hard drive


ExpressCards may have stolen their thunder, but all those PCMCIA slots out there are far from useless just yet, as evidenced by this latest product from Japan's ASKA Corporation. Its new HD32F portable hard drive will let you put that slot to use for some extra storage (either 20GB or 40GB), although you will have to put up with a rather large protuberance as a result (which you can pretty up a bit by sliding a picture into the drive's built-in picture frame). For non-PCMCIA use, the drive can also simply be plugged in using a USB cable. Look for this one to set you back ¥14,700 or ¥27,825 ($124-$235) depending on the size -- in Japan only, of course.

[Via Akihabara News]

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