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AT&T refunding iPhone activation charges for customers who experienced limbo?

David Chartier

If you were one of the unfortunate souls caught up in the AT&T activation limbo, some readers are reporting that you might be able to reclaim at least a few bucks for your pain and suffering. As the story goes, AT&T is apparently refunding the $36 activation fee to those who call and present their story of iPhone despair. Of course, it would probably help if you're cordial while explaining instead of reliving the memory entirely, but a refund of such a comparatively small amount of money doesn't sound like too much skin off AT&T's back to make up for doing such a dreadful job handling the iPhone Weekend.

If you try this, let us know what your experience is like. There are no guarantees here, and I was fortunate to get activated right away so I don't have any personal gripes. Good luck with those calls.

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