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"Logical loot" not a new idea at Blizzard


Warcry's recent Zul'Aman preview didn't just introduce us to a new dungeon, it also introduced us to a new loot system. The so-called "logical loot" system promised that if the bad guy you were facing were holding a big axe, you'd be pretty likely to end up looting a big axe off his corpse later. However, Drysc has let us in on a secret: this design philosophy isn't really new.

There have always been boss and item design goals to have bosses that drop loot they themselves are wielding. You can see this in Scarlet Monastery, Shadow Labyrinth, and Molten Core, just to name a few.

So don't go off getting too excited about this particular looting philosophy -- examples of it are already in the game, and we have no reason to expect anything new to Zul'Aman's loot philosophy.

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