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Myst dev: Myst is 'essential adventure companion' for DS


Manny Granillo, executive producer of the DS Myst remake, spoke to 4cr reader Spence about the changes being made to the classic adventure. We're still shocked that there are changes and additions being made. Not what we expected from a Myst port.

They're taking advantage of the interface by adding a note pad and a camera tool, to allow players to remember clues. Granillo also agreed with (but avoided directly discussing) the utility of turning the DS sideways to read the materials in the library.

With these refinements and the new Age, Myst on the DS may turn out to be the definitive version. For our money, though, the best thing about a portable Myst is that it leaves your TV and computer unoccupied, so you can play a game while it's on.

[Via 4cr]

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