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    Seven-inch digital photo frame shootout

    Darren Murph

    Hot on the heels of the SSD shootout comes a five-man competition stocked with some of the most prolific digital photo frames on the market, and now that prices on these bad boys are dipping down from the stratosphere, there's a good chance you'd like to know which would look best in your den. Thankfully, GearDigest has taken the task upon itself to pit Kodak's EasyShare SV710, Pandigital's 7-inch Photo Frame, Philips' 7FF1CM1, Smartpart's Portable Picture And Video Player, and Westinghouse's DPF-702 against each other to see who's really the champ. After hours of viewing countless relatives and vacations of yesteryear, the group found that the obvious assumptions of "you get what you pay for" proved completely true. The four frames not labeled by Philips all featured a similar 16:9 display with a paltry 480 x 234 resolution, and while a few offered niceties not found elsewhere (Kodak's PictBridge, for instance), all of the devices were decent at best in terms of image quality -- and they all ranged from $119 to $129.95 in price. Handily snagging the gold was the $199 7FF1CM1, which upped the ante with a 720 x 480 panel and proved worthwhile if you actually want your photos to shine. But hey, it's still your dough, so do your duty and dive into the full review below before swaying one way or another.

    [Via DigitalMediaThoughts]

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