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Syphon Filter infiltrates PSP's innards to enable full 333MHz

Jem Alexander

Chris Reese, Technical Director for SCEA's Bend Studio, has posted on the PlayStation.Blog to confirm that Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow will utilize the full 333MHz of PSP power. Reese claims the extra 67MHz will allow Bend Studio to create a look and feel that isn't possible using the original 266mhz. The increase in power will let them focus on adding detail and interactivity to the game's environments.

For those who are confused about 333mhz compatability, let us put your mind at rest. Games utilizing the 333 MHz clock speed will work exactly the same on a normal PSP as on a Slim PSP. The increase in power does mean that the battery in both models will drain more quickly than in other games, but for those who are picking up a PSP Slim you can use your old PSP's battery to lengthen the playtime. This does, however, come with its own problems.

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