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Webjimbo 1.0 released

Mat Lu

We last mentioned Webjimbo when it was in closed beta. Now the clever application that allows you to access your Yojimbo notes over the internet by turning your Mac into a mini web-server has been released. Your notes appear in any web browser in an interface that looks very much like Yojimbo on the desktop. Version 1.0 adds support for passwords and viewing encrypted notes, which was missing in the beta. Also tantalizing is the promise of a future iPhone optimized version ("stay tuned"), which should help make up for the deficiencies of the woeful included Notes application.

The same warnings apply as before. You're only able to edit in plaintext and there are security considerations any time you run your Mac as a server. Nonetheless, if you want access to your Yojimbo notes on the go, Webjimbo could be just the ticket.

Webjimbo is $29.95 and a demo is available.

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