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Japanese hardware sales, Jul. 16 - Jul. 22: Just the FAQs edition


With the arrival of each week's Japanese hardware sales chart usually comes an inescapable torrent of questions. We suspect they're asked quite often, commonly, regularly... possibly even frequently. Unable to handle the pressure of the ceaseless interrogation any longer, we've decided to acquiesce to your recurrent requests and provide the FAQs (and nothing but the FAQs).

Where are the numbers for this week?

Right over here.

- DS Lite: 154,459 12,492 (8.80%)
- Wii: 86,786 23,068 (21.00%)
- PSP: 32,894 4,684 (12.46%)
- PS2: 14,059 1,718 (10.89%)
- PS3: 12,187 1,306 (9.68%)
- Xbox 360: 2,664 278 (9.45%)
- Game Boy Micro: 315 21 (7.14%)
- Gamecube: 131 25 (23.58%)
- GBA SP: 122 16 (11.59%)
- DS Phat: 45 30 (200.00%)
- GBA: 24 24 (N/A%)

[Source: Media Create]

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Where are the other questions?

After the break.

Who even cares about Japan?

Japan is considered one of the three primary markets in the video game industry along with North America and Europe. While it may not hold as much global influence as it once did, it's still home to many publishers and developers which use local successes and failures as a guide in choosing which platforms to support. The colossal success of Nintendo's DS in Japan is directly responsible for developers shifting much of their focus to portable platforms, even when it comes to major console franchises like Dragon Quest. There are exceptions, of course -- Capcom is laughing all the way to the Bank of America by supporting a brand that's been embraced in Japan as well as a cactus at a balloon convention.

A what?

Never mind.

Why don't you publish American sales charts?

We do! The NPD results only arrive on a monthly basis, however.

Why don't you publish Swedish sales charts?

Are you from Switzerland?

Well, no. If I was, I'd ask, "Why don't you publish Swiss sales charts?"

Oh, we don't publish those. Full of holes, you see.

That wasn't very funny.

And that wasn't even a question! Irrelevant!

Why is it that these posts never contain relevant information? Where's the analysis?

We've nothing against analysis, but it would grow to be rather tiresome given the fact that things rarely change dramatically on a weekly basis. The commentary will be less irreverent whenever appropriate -- we can't wait until the DS Lite is dethroned in 2015.

In other words, you're lazy and unprofessional.

not tru

How hard is it to copy and paste the sales data into a post anyway?

Hey, aside from the amount of units sold in the current week, we calculate the rest of the statistics ourselves!

What's with the arrows?

The direction and color of the arrow indicates whether a platform sold more or fewer units compared to the week prior.

So the number before the arrow is how many units were sold in the last week, and the number after the arrow...

Is the difference! It's how many units the sales went up or down within the last week.

And the percentage?

That would be the weekly sales increase or decrease reflected as a percentage of the number of units sold in the previous week. We hope that makes sense.

"We?" Aren't you just one guy?

Yes we are.

Oh, the "editorial we," right?

No, the royal one. Err, we.

Has anyone ever told you that you come across as a pretentious fool?

Shut up.

No, you shut up.

No you.


Now look here -- you don't even exist. You're an imaginary voice solely intended to facilitate a question-and-answer format.

So, I'm like a voice in your head? You've been talking to yourself all this time.

The voices are telling me not to listen to the voices in my head.

That's a parad-


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