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Mattel drops new details on I Can Play educational guitar

Darren Murph

While the most of us get our shred on via one version of Guitar Hero or another, Mattel is trying to preserve our offsprings' minds a little while longer with a more educationally-inclined toy axe. Originally mentioned at the International Toy Fair, the I Can Play instrument is slated to land this August for $99.99 and will boast the Allegro Multimedia Guitar Wizard Method for learning licks. Furthermore, the guitar will come bundled with a cartridge featuring "six popular songs" to play along with (additional ones will be $14.99 apiece), and rather than just single buttons being placed on the fretboard, the more complex sensor layout is said to be more akin to a real-world six-string. Notably, Mattel and Allegro both assert that this device can be used by kiddos as young as six years old, but we see no reason why those struggling through a mid-life crisis can't relive their own rock fantasies once the children head off to bed.

[Via Electronista]

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